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Digital Academy

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year and a new opportunity for your pathway to success. The SCOESC Digital Academy provides an alternative learning style that allows students to stay enrolled at your home district but complete work through our academy.
The SCOESC Digital Academy is set up to assist your learning style and keep you on track to achieve your grade level requirements toward your high school graduation. You are going to utilize your drive and knowledge to build your skills. You are working on gaining independence in an individual way that best fits your learning style. 
Application, Interview and Intake
  1. Each student interested in applying for enrollment in the SCOESC Digital Academy will need to work with the principal and/or guidance counselor in their district.

    The student and the parent will need to complete the corresponding sections of the enrollment form.

    The principal and/or guidance counselor will complete the district information and sign off.

    Enrolment forms must be emailed from the school to Marissa Arbogast ([email protected]).  Once received, Mrs. Arbogast will reach out to the student/parent with their enrollment information and their schedule.

    Digital Academy Form - NOTE: In order to complete this form with your signature, please download the file and open it in Adobe Reader rather than your browser. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed, it can be downloaded using the link below.

    Parents/Guardians are required to participate in a Digital Academy orientation.

  1. Attendance
    • Student attendance will be reported to the individual district designee on a regular basis, following school guidelines.  SCOESC Digital Academy will report absences to the attendance officers as needed.
    • If you are not required to be in the physical classroom, your attendance will be determined by completing a minimum of 6% of each course per week.
      1. 5%-6% you are counted here all five day (along with in person)
      2. 4% you will be counted as absent 1 day
      3. 3% you will be counted absent 2 days
      4. 2% you will be counted absent 3 days
      5. 1% you will be counted absent 4 days
      6. 0% you will be counted absent all week
                        All students are expected to minimally maintain a passing grade!
    • After an allotted amount of absences, or if passing grades are not maintained, the student may be required to physically report to the classroom for a set time/days, or guidelines for truancy or a safety-check will be followed. In some circumstances, the student may be returned to the regular classroom and denied enrollment into the SCOESC Academy. If required, an administrative meeting will convene and other placement may take place.
    • There are 4 Tiers that will inform you on how often you must be in a physical classroom. Some individual circumstances may allow/require fluid movement from one plan to another plan at the discretion of principals, special education teams, school counselors, or the Digital Academy Coordinator.
Plan A - Physically reporting to the classroom at least one day every week grades 6-12
                Monday – Seniors
               Tuesday – Juniors
               Wednesday – Sophomores
                Thursday – Freshman
                Friday – Middle School (Grades 6-8)
Home- Elementary students will attend each day at home with scheduled times and synchronously with FES teachers.  Progress will be monitored and enrollment in the program is continued upon attendance and progress.
Plan B - Physically in attendance 2 to 3 days a week for full day – SCOESC Digital Academy students that have not made progress will be assigned extra days to work in person at the SCOESC.
Plan C - 5 days a week for the full school day.   If you are enrolled in the SCOESC Digital Academy and have not met the standards or requirements to fulfill your obligation to the class. 
Plan D - Students will report at least one day per month with weekly digital check ins. 
**The attendance plans (tiers) are fluid and can be changed at the discretion of the teacher, administrators, school/parent/special education teams.
  1. Computers and Technology
  1. There will be laptops or desktops provided in the classroom.

    Each student is issued a school owned (their home district) Chromebook.

    Students will not be permitted the use of their cell phones.

    Students who are attending in person in the physical classroom will need to follow CAPE start and stop times, which are in the student handbook. Handbooks can be located on the school website.

    Start time is 7:30 am and the end of the day is 2:30 pm.  (The home school district will be busing according to their schedule).

    Breaks will be given as often as needed as determined by the teacher

    Lunch will be eaten in a designated area 

    Students MUST have adequate internet access at home or they will report in person five days a week.


  1. Teacher Expectations and Consequences
  1. Even though you are learning from an online program, you are expected to attend your class regularly and without interference of extracurricular activities or distractions. Your job is to be a student so you are expected to keep/maintain a passing grade.

  2. Attendance will be enforced and monitored to abide by the rules and laws of the school and the State of Ohio.

  3. Students must check-in upon arrival

  4. There will be progress monitoring and rewards for goals met. Rewards may include device time, game time, free time, fun activities, special treats, etc.

  5. Students may keep their coats, book bags, and other belongings with them as long as there are no safety concerns.

  6. If there are suspicions of safety, weapons, drugs or other contraband not permitted in school, the belongings may be confiscated and turned over to the principals or juvenile court.

  7. All students are expected to travel to the Digital Academy via school transportation.  The SCOESC Digital Academy does not have student parking.
Bottom Line: Get your job done and prepare yourself for your future career! Be the student you want to be to get your dream job and earn your independence.  
****These policies are subject to change and if so, the changes will be communicated thoroughly.


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