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Northwest High School Student's Artwork in Governor's Youth Art Exhibit
Riley Galloway
The 52nd Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition will open for viewing on Sunday, April 24th, at the Rhodes State Office Tower in Columbus and local high school art student Riley Galloway’s artwork will be included. 
This juried exhibition is a cooperative effort between the Governor of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Education, colleges, universities, and business sponsors. The exhibition is dedicated to the educational and artistic advancement of talented young people in the state of Ohio. The exhibition is open to all of Ohio’s 1,112 high schools, both public and private, chartered by the State of Ohio Department of Education. The purpose of the exhibition is to provide all budding young artists of the state with opportunities to advance their talent, whether that be through scholarships or simply experiencing the process of entering their work in a competition. 
Thad Ricker, Executive Director and coordinator of the exhibition states, "It is with great pride that we exhibit these students' artworks at the Rhodes Tower. The exhibition is a testament to the high quality of visual arts education that exists in our state. It is vital that the community understands the value and importance of arts education, and the impact that it has on our young people. We hope that this exhibition fosters that understanding. We are fortunate that Ohio is a state in which the arts and arts education are supported by community and educational leaders, legislators, colleges and universities, civic organizations, and businesses. Without the support and encouragement from these groups, the achievements of these young artists might go unrecognized."

The process of selecting artwork for the state exhibition begins on a regional level. The state is divided into 15 regions, with high school students in each region invited to enter work for regional judging. Each region has a designated Regional Director, who is responsible for choosing the judges for his or her region and arranging specifics for the event. This year the judging was done virtually with 8,069 entries submitted by 3,133 Ohio high school students. 
Nearly 3,000 student works of art advanced from the 15 regions to the state level for judging by eight jurors, all of whom are college educators and artists from throughout the United States. 
Out of the 3,000 entries, 348 were chosen for inclusion in the 2022 Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition and Riley Galloway’s piece, “Highway Heaven” was one of them. Galloway is a senior at Northwest High School and her art teacher is Mr. Chris Enz. 
Galloway explains, “My painting is an ode to the shared joyful experience of traveling with my boyfriend, Zebulon. Some of our favorite times together have been our adventures traveling to Chicago and Cleveland. Zebulon grew up partly in California and is always reminiscing on stories of his childhood spent there in the summer months. Because of this, I painted him looking out to the Golden Gate Bridge as symbolism of him looking to his past while we are traveling to the future.”