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CAPE hosts 2nd Annual Legacy Day for students
CAPE hosts 2nd Annual Legacy Day for studentsThe Center for Alternative and Progressive Education (CAPE) hosted its 2nd Annual Legacy Day on April 21, at its building in the South Central Ohio Educational Service Center, in New Boston, Ohio.

The program is offered by SOLACE drug-free community support group and the Scioto County Health Department.

“Their mission statement is for Legacy Day to unite students, teachers, and communities through school connectedness activities while breaking down social barriers, fostering self-expression, and encouraging empathy and communication,” said CAPE Coordinator Milinda Davis.

Four speakers came to speak to students at the CAPE School and share their stories of success, and how to be a positive, contributing member of your community.

“They talked about a lot of poverty, abuse, drugs, and what barriers keep you from being what you want to be. They had all the kids talk about what they see themselves doing in 15 years,” Davis said. “For the most part, students really enjoy it, and they feel like people are really hearing them. They get to express how they really feel and what they’re thinking, and do it in a safe way.”

Davis said it helps change students mindset about life, and realize they can be more than what they know today.

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