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We strive to bring outstanding artists to our community each year as Artists-In- Residence. In the 2022-23 school year Northwest High School's advanced art students and their teacher, Mr. Chris Enz, worked with artists Darren Baker and Amanda Page to write original poetry, create prints using a letterpress machine, and make their own handmade books using Japanese bookbinding techniques.


Students were guided through a series of writing exercises to create their own poems using place-based flash nonfiction. The group then chose individual words from their writing that were descriptive of the place in which we live and arranged the words on a plate to create prints. Different color inks were used to create unique collaborative prints as well as the covers for the students’ handmade books. At the end of the residency the work was displayed in Northwest High School Library and a reception was held on October 24, 2022 for the students’ families as well as faculty and staff at Northwest High School.


Congratulations to the art students at Northwest High School and their teacher, Mr. Enz, for the wonderful work that was created during the residency. This project was coordinated by Sharee Price, South Central Ohio ESC Gifted Services Coordinator. Special thanks to our sponsors: William & Barbara Burke, Portsmouth Area Arts Council, Rotary Club of Portsmouth, Scioto Foundation, and SOMC!  

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