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Educational Service Centers were established in 1914 as county school districts and have been making a difference in Ohio’s schools for over 100 years.

In 1995, H.B. 117 changed the role of the county school district by redefining their responsibilities and renaming them Educational Service Centers—a statutory name change intended to reflect the evolving nature of ESC programs and services. The law also encouraged county offices to merge into regional agencies. ESC’s must now implement state or federally funded initiatives assigned to the service centers by the General Assembly or the Ohio Department of Education.


Since that time, the South Central Ohio ESC has taken to heart the mission of providing high quality services to our participating districts. We strive to be the conduit and delivery system for Ohio’s statewide school improvement and education reform efforts, as well as continuing to support local districts with county-wide services that they count on from their local ESC. As a result, our services are unique and varied. We provide assistance with needs such as background checks, attendance issues, home schooling, and truancy as well as early childhood, special education, and alternative school programs.


Since the SCOESC incorporates over 20 service areas, please review the links to find the department that can best assist you with your needs.


SCOESC Fee Schedule 2023-24 as per OHIO REVISED CODE 3313.843

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