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Attendance Services

The Attendance Department at the South Central Ohio Educational Service Center places services to School Districts in Scioto, Adams, and Jackson Counties as well as other agencies at the heart of our mission. We provide services to help School Districts deal with students who fail to attend school as required by the Ohio Revised Code. Another service offered to the partner School Districts is to help them manage and track the students who choose to receive their education through the Home Schooling option that is permitted by the Ohio Revised Code. Services for School Bus Driver Certification, School Bus Driver In-Services and background checks are also provided by the Attendance Department. Background checks through the National WebCheck Program are also provided for many other agencies in our area. Our goal is to provide the most convenient and helpful service possible to all School Districts and agencies that request our services. We as the Attendance Office staff are committed to reaching this goal and work hard daily to see that it is reached.

Ohio Revised Code

The South Central Ohio Educational Service Center as required by the Ohio Revised Code provides Attendance Services to all member schools as well as other districts that contract for these services. These schools report the Attendance problems to the ESC (Educational Service Center) via email and the Attendance Officers make home visits to determine how best to deal with the problem. The Ohio Revised Code defines Truancy,, and the local Juvenile Court sets rules on how the filing must take place. The family must be served with a copy of the Ohio Revised Code section that requires the parents to have their children in an Educational Program that meets the standards set forth in this section, The Attendance Officer must do a First and Second Notice by Court Rule before a filing can take place. Another problem that causes Attendance issues in schools is Pediculosis (head lice). Services to help control the spread of Pediculosis is available to schools that choose to contract for these services.


In Ohio, parents interested in educating their children at home may do so by notifying their local school district Superintendent and meeting the requirements of Ohio law to home educate. Once the notification is received, the district Superintendent releases the student from required compulsory school attendance. This exempts the student and family from school attendance requirements in state law. Please note that if there is evidence that a child who is exempt from the school attendance requirements is not receiving an education in the subject areas required under this section, then that child may be subject to section 3321.19 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Parents or guardians who decide to home educate their students are completely responsible for choosing the curriculum and educational materials and take responsibility for educating their children. There is no state financial assistance for families who choose this option. 

If a home educated student returns to a public school, the district Superintendent shall place the child in the appropriate grade level, without discrimination or prejudice, based on the policies of the child's district of residence. 


Justin Horsley
Attendance Officer

Brandi Flannery
Attendance Officer

Keith Shamhart
Attendance Officer


Veronica Fickett
Administrative Assistant

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