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Scioto County Family and Children First Services

Mission Statement

Scioto County Family and Children First Council is a collaborative of 22 public and private agencies and organizations serving families and children in Scioto County. 

The mission of SCFCFC is to be a community partner with all children and families of Scioto County. Children are valued for who they are and who they will become. Families know their children best and are responsible for them. Our partnership will be family-centered and family-friendly. Therefore, our community will embrace families and children to provide a safe, stable environment and services, which will strengthen and nurture the family within Scioto County.


Scioto County Family and Children First was established in 1995 to fulfill the legislative mandate for counties to coordinate services for families involved in more than one social service system to ensure care and prevent duplication of services.

Meeting Schedule

The Council meets bi-monthly on the fourth Monday of each month, unless otherwise noted. 



Scott Holstein
Family & Children First Director

Jodie Wheeler

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