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Helping students learn and grow is a goal of every school district. We work hard to provide students with high quality programs in both academics and fine arts in order to help them become successful both in the classroom and in life. Even though our department is labeled “Gifted Services," we are proud of our outreach to students throughout the Scioto County area; even those who are not necessarily identified as “gifted." 

The only program we offer that is restricted to students identified as gifted is our Summer Enrichment Scholarship Program; all of our other programs are open to all students who attend schools that are members of the SCOESC.

We are proud of all the students who have embraced our programs and pursued them as an opportunity for personal growth on their own paths to success!


Contact Us

Sharee Price

Gifted Services Coordinator

Phone: 740-354-0229


Scioto County Spelling Bee

Two students from each school district (grades 4 through 8) are invited to participate in the ESC's Scioto County Spelling Bee. The purpose of the spelling bee is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, gain self-confidence, learn about word roots and origins, and improve their overall literacy skills. Spelling Bees also offer an opportunity for students to learn from their peers and be supportive of each other in a friendly academic competition. 

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