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Service Delivery Options

Center-Based Classrooms – Our classrooms are integrated to include up to eight students that have been identified with special needs and 4-6 typically developing students. Seven preschool classrooms are located in various districts throughout Scioto County and one classroom is located in Manchester. Some classrooms collaborate with other early childhood programs such as Head Start and public preschool programs in the local school districts. Centers are staffed with a certified teacher in Special Education and Early Childhood, as well as a teacher’s assistant. Services and eligibility for preschool children with special needs are determined through the multifactored evaluation process. Children that are referred must be screened, and/or evaluated and must qualify for those services.

Typically developing students serve as role models to our students with special needs. All students experience developmentally appropriate activities and we strive to have all students participate in the general curriculum and ready to achieve success in kindergarten. Typically developing students are accepted into our center-based classrooms by going through an application process with our office (Jodie Wheeler 740-354-0223) and paying a monthly tuition.

Itinerant Option - Itinerant teachers are available to provide services for eligible children in the setting where the child is located. This may be in a Head Start Center, licensed private or public preschool, or in the home. Itinerant teachers are also certified in Early Childhood and Special Education.

Related Services - Related services are provided as identified for children who are eligible. Services may include speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and consultation by vision and hearing specialists.

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